In This Town

by Chandelier Swing

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Adam Hartley: Guitar
Lewis Herd: Guitar & Vocals
Steven Hodson: Bass & Vocals
Michael Whalley: Drums & Cymbals


released April 18, 2011

Recorded live at The Railway, Chorley on the 18th of April 2011 by Steven Hodson and Michael Whalley. Mixed by Steven Hodson.



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Track Name: Drip Drench Drown
let water meander, forget the last turn and run,
let raindrops settle on slate and stone and these old bones.

we'll drip drench drown in this town.
Track Name: Thank Fuck
it was close when she drew the line but to my regret and suprise not around my body,
the bottle and i still fell foul.
fell foul, foul, but fine, id fuck for an upward climb,
it felt foul foul but fine and it stuck out my neck for time.

when that line drew close around me i thought id cut loose and close my mind's eye.
it was close, there was no reason why.
but i pressed on and you turned off,
text haunts, fuckups.
so fuck it, its finished.
forget, in a minute.
i was drunk and did not delete.
but thank fuck for good luck, small mercies fill my cup.
Track Name: Prescribing Drink
why drink whisky if you don't like the taste?
scrub with persistence to make it go away.
Rinse with water, it looks so bad, the blood is getting old.

and i'll wait for the day when prescribing drink isn't needed to replace, and i'll hold my breath and take the sting as this drink sinks to my feet.

cold shower after cold shower.
bus take me home to the girl i love the most.
Track Name: Polskd
dont you want to know where i've been all this time?
i've done little it seems, little but pine.
while youve been flying i know you've been fine,
i know ive been high.

boy i always know where you've been, i can read your mind.
tall tales dug you in but you'll let it out when im laid to rest, you'll find some peace, the piece of hell you deserve.

so why the long face? why the long face?
the gall to ask, you golden ass,
look what you've done to me,
just look what you've done,
the line ends here,
thats all that i can hear.